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30 votes, 50 comments. After the collapse of Terra and the recent news about Celsius and BlockFi I am starting to get worried on my crypto. If they actually pay us back in full with our crypto and not USD I will. What's the Most Annoying Thing about Holding Crypto on Gemini? Reddit, like most social media, is being heavily influenced by Russia. votes, 18 comments. 33K subscribers in the Gemini community. Gemini of us can start a crypto war against the twins. Upvote 6. Yea I agree, I haven't bought one crypto off that exchange since they stoped earn. I feel they should give all earn users free fees for life!

By now, they might have made enough money to pay back the coins and keep gains. Our legal system sucks, and until the crypto market becomes less. The Winklevoss crypto swindlers are so hell bent on keeping the Gemini-Earn assets they NYDFS has warned them that NYDFS has reserved the right. r/Gemini: Gemini is a digital asset exchange and custodian that allows customers to buy, sell, and store digital currencies. This is not about the. Remove r/Gemini filter and expand search to all of Reddit. TRENDING I panic bought more crypto than I had locked up right before the. I did that and NYS got back to me saying that Gemini is just following protocol. Gemini has the regulators in their pocket. I eventually sold. As soon as you release my hold, I am fully withdrawing from this platform. The longer this takes, the more I will broadcast this issue on Reddit. I haven't been able to buy crypto for years now, and customer support cannot help me, and can't explain what is going wrong. Crypto is highly risky. Of all the coins, bitcoin feels the least risky. I feel bitcoin is more likely to double in the next 6 months then to. Gemini Earn Users, do you believe you will eventually get your crypto back? Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of March · Reddit. Do I need to withdrawal the money or transfer it to a dif crypto account? Or can I just leave it there? What will happen if I don't do. Gemini. and Coinbase. G-D bless if this ends today and gives people a definitive date or time period of us getting our funds/crypto back.

16 votes, 40 comments. So last week Wednesday I found out I had an account review request email and that I couldn't send any crypto until I. Gemini is not a reliable company. They are currently in trouble with the SEC and NYAG for harming over customers. These are real people. Fiat transfer to Gemini takes approximately 5 business days to clear. While you are able to buy crypto with it right away, you are not able to. Good News would be waking up and having all my crypto back in my possession. Until then, a lot can happen and/or change. I'm pessimistic I know. Which will make crypto investments online an issue in the future. Bc this can happen to anyone again but next time you might not get shit back. I keep getting an error message when I try to send crypto but I don't have issues buying and trading. They seem to move in a really, really shady way, and it's gotten to the point that I'm almost certainly done with crypto exchanges in general. I. Reddit Meta · Wholesome & Heartwarming. Games. Action Games Crypto is here, some guardrails and accountability is much needed. By keeping your crypto on Gemini, you would be rewarding the Winklevoss twins who tried to swindle B from Gemini-Earn investors. Remember.

A little confused, I head over to reddit before contacting Gemeni's supp0rt center. Here's where the anxiety kicks in as I read many posts from. Gemini doesn't charge you anything for a withdrawal. You pay network transaction fees, and they're currently very high because, well, ATH and. A lot of people including myself got burned by Gemini Earn. I wanted to know if other fellow users/previous users still use the Gemini. Yeah If your new to Gemini just wire your funds in to your account. faster and much smoother. also when you want to withdraw just use the. I don't know, YouTube or Reddit? 2. Has anyone instructed you to open this Gemini account or has any one requested payment through Gemini?.

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